Top 3 Ways To Combat Muscle Soreness After Working Out

Top 3 Ways To Combat Muscle Soreness After Working Out

Feeling sore after a great workout is only natural, but there are ways to combat muscle soreness. When muscles are pushed to the limit through weight training, cardio and other types of exercise, it is shown to cause microscopic damage or tears in muscle fibres. These microscopic tears, as well as a build up of lactic acid,  is what is believed to cause soreness after working out.

However, there are several ways of combating this muscle soreness after working out.

  • Consistency:

  • Consistently working out is very helpful for decreasing recovery time after a workout. When your muscles become conditioned to certain movements and strains, you’ll find muscle soreness to be much less of an issue. That is, of course, if you don’t over train. If you only work out occasionally, a strenuous workout or activity can result in extreme muscle soreness. With that being said, you can additionally decrease your likelihood for muscle soreness by taking the following precautions.

  • Replenishing Nutrients & Hydration:

  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water before during and after a workout. Hydration starts before your workout does, and once your body is dehydrated it’s often to late to fix it. For recovery after working out, consider a protein powder to replenish necessary nutrients. Protein powders replenish necessary nutrients quickly, since it’s in a liquid form, and effectively help decrease recovery time by fueling your body with protein and amino acids. Getting proteins, amino acids, BCAA’s and anti-inflammatory compounds after a workout will aid with muscle soreness and increase your physical results. Green Peaks offers a premium plant based protein powder to help you gain lean mass, reduce recover time and see maximum results.

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  • Stretching:

  • Before and after working out, it is crucial that you take the time to stretch out. There are many benefits of stretching and reducing muscle soreness is one of them. This will help decrease muscle soreness and recovery times after an intense workout. So many people neglect stretching after a workout, but don’t do it! Your body will be much more tight after a workout so it’s super important to get at least 10  minutes of stretching to help bring blood to areas that need repair, and prevent future injuries.





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