What's different about plant based protein powder?

What's different about plant based protein powder?

What’s Different About Plant Based Protein?

The Plant Based Movement

        Within the last 5 years, the supplement industry has been shaken up by a powerful wave of plant based athletes. Market think tanks project plant based protein supplements to be one of fastest growing products in the supplement industry over the next ten years. In a market, already densely populated with protein shakes, powders, and bars, it’s a little strange to see an entirely new breed of products emerging... and dominating, over the traditional animal-based ones. This is, in large, thanks to the internet. We have been given the to research the origins of animal based products, as well as the controversial health and environmental effects that animal based products may have.

Environmental Benefits

        The health of our planet, as it stands today, is something that everyone is somewhat concerned about. The animal agricultural industry is the number one producer of harmful greenhouse gasses on the planet. It’s one of the highest land usage industries on the planet. It’s a major consumer of limited fresh water supplies. It’s a huge driver of Amazonian deforestation, and it is responsible for supplying the main ingredient in whey and casein protein, the most popular traditional protein supplements. The picture is clear, if you want a simple and very easy way to help our planet, cut down or completely remove animal products from your life. Green Peaks is doing our part by providing an exceptional protein supplement that is completely separated from this devastating industry.

Ethical Benefits

        Aside from the environmental havoc caused by the animal agricultural industry, the suffering endured by the animals involved will shake you to your core. Many people like to imagine that the dairy industry doesn’t harm animals. This is so far from the truth, all it takes is a simple google search to realize the terrifying impact this industry has on mother cows and their babies. If you’ve ever had a pet or grew up around animals, you know that all animals have a deep capacity for connection and love. The dairy industry likes us to believe this isn’t true. If you are consuming dairy based protein powder, unfortunately you are directly contributing to the deep painful suffering of other living beings. Thankfully, a rapidly growing number of people are aware of this and are choosing plant based alternatives.

Health Benefits

        The silver lining is that plant based proteins are just as good, and in many cases, much better for us, than the dairy based traditional proteins. Plant based proteins are being processed and developed to contain super high protein levels, as well as tons of other beautiful micro nutrients that your body thrives on. It’s easier to digest than dairy based proteins, and it is way better for the environment to produce! There’s a reason that plant based proteins are growing so rapidly. They are simply a better choice; for you, for your conscious, and for our planet.

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