Green Peaks Is Proud To Officially Be NSF Certified!

Green Peaks Is Proud To Officially Be NSF Certified!

What is NSF certification?

The NSF certification is a widely renowned nutritional certification. Products certified by NSF meet stringent nutritional guidelines and have undergone extensive testing and analysis to ensure high quality and protect the consumer. 

NSF certifies that all of our label claims are truthful and that there are no toxins or unmarked elements in our products. 

Why 3rd party testing is crucial for your health and safety:

It may come as a surprise to you that nutritional supplements do not fall under the protection of the FDA. Therefore, supplements are a completely self regulated industry. There are very few laws that hold supplement manufacturers responsible. As a product of this dangerous loophole, many supplement companies unfortunately choose to falsely advertise their contents, and use low quality ingredients that often carry harmful toxins such as heavy metals. The most trusted supplement producers hire outside laboratories to test their products for them, and report back to the consumers that the product is safe, and their nutritional claims are true. NSF is the gold standard of 3rd party testing. 

An NSF certification is a guarantee that you’re getting a safe and honest product.

For more information on NSF, please take a look at

GreenPeaks Chocolate protein powder has now gone through the strict testing requirements of NSF and is officially NSF certified!

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